Meet Your Wrestlers



Nuclear Nadia

Hailing from the former Soviet Union, this sick scientist is hellbent on inflicting misery with her radioactive experimentation. Suspected of causing the Chernobyl reactor meltdown, comes the sadistic Nuclear Nadia…


Nadia enjoys torturing the insolent and long walks in the Ukranian forest. She can’t live without her black eyeliner and lives in a dank basement with her surviving mutated experiments.

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Alice Capone

Washed up on commercial street, spit from the ocean that couldn't handle her, Alice Capone is Portland original mobster. Booze running queen of the club scene this mobster will drink you under the table if she likes you, or you will be swimming with the seals if you cross her.


Black Mamba

From high atop the Marakseeket Mountains of Africa. Standing taller than most men at nearly SEVEN feet tall, Black Mamba is the deadliest snake in the world. Mythology says that if bitten, the pure of heart experience divine intoxication, but those with darkness in their souls die an EXCRUTIATING death…. You can’t run fast enough and there’s nowhere to hide. So cleanse your soul, beg for forgiveness and ask yourself, are YOU ready to meet BLACK MAMBA?

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Ursa Majora

Banished from the island of Svalbard as a cub for wiping out half the bear population, she now finds herself on warmer shores but it hasn't thawed her ice cold heart....


Lucy World Order


Ranger Bushwhacker

Known for causing fires in the forest, Ranger Bushwhacker knows hers her way around a deep notch. When asked if she had anything to say to her fans, she said: Remember... Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires. Ranger Bushwhacker is reporting for duty!

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Guns n Rosie

Guns n Rosie is a hard rocking “Vixen” here to headbang her way to victory. New to this “Motley Crue,” Rosie’s had a “Cinderella” story, fighting her way up from “Skid Row” to the “Badlands.” You’ll be shouting “Faster Pussycat” when she flexes her “LA Guns.” She’s one “Twisted Sister.” Put your fists in the air and give it up for GUNS N ROSIE!


Pope Benelicks the 69th

In the name of the mother, the daughter, and the holey spirit: Prepare for the baptism by the Pontiff of Passion. Confess your sexiest sins and achieve CUM-PLETE absolution. Looking for her next ‘arched’ bishop to worship her Pontifex Gluteus Maximus, her stop here at SLAP, is to spread the reach (and the legs) of the Holey See. Your Vicar of Peter, Your Matriarch of the West… Give it up for Her Holiness Pope Benelicks the 69th.

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Princess Puff Puff

Princess Puff Puff is the highest of royalty that you’ll ever meet. When she’s not behind the mic of Pilot Lites, she’s known for her incredible munchies. Don’t let her love for all things pink and green fool you, though. This creampuff is tough stuff!